Can’t get enough notebooks!

Potential. Wonder. Excitement. Promise. Creativity. Fun. What do you see when you look at a notebook? As a creative person, you probably see all of those things and more. I see a place to be myself. I see a place to be someone completely different. I see a sense of comfort. As any type of artist, they are essential to our being.

The most recent issue of Flow Magazine had a wonderful article on notebooks called Ode to the Notebook. It was inspiring. Since childhood I have loved brand new notebooks. Not much beat the feeling of a new exercise book at school. At the time it was more the feeling of the unsullied paper I loved, not realising that each notebook was another stepping stone to my future. As I grew I began to buy my own notebooks fully intending to use them for good; but like so many others I was scared to take that leap and mark it up. I did not feel anything I had to put down was worthy of that perfect paper.

Now I feel that there is little better than the feeling of a well-used notebook. I kept a travel journal for the first time on my most recent trip to Japan and looking at it bursting at the seams, full of ephemera and thoughts makes me really happy. I am so pleased with the result that I am going to keep a travel journal for every trip I take from now on.

Japan travel journal

The Japan trip was five weeks long, so I figured a whole notebook would do. I have a Moleskine Passions travel journal for the rest! I do have a preference for Moleskine, and so do lots of other people! I use the Moleskine journal app on my iPad and wish I had an iPhone to use TimePage.

A notebook is a place to call home no matter where you are. It holds reassurance, secrets, hopes and dreams. It lets you be who you are and helps you become who you want to be. Here’s to the notebook!


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