steel box WIP

I got some galvanized steel boxes at IKEA a while ago, not realising that galvanized steel could present a problem when I went to paint them. After searching numerous sites I noticed that a lot of the information was for industrial use and not for a crafter. The most useful information I found was here, a forum on a sheet metal site. There was input from artists and it was helpful all around.

What I decided to do was sand to create some texture for the mediums to adhere to, then wipe down with vinegar to get rid of some of the oily residue . Then I gave it a coat of Golden matte regular gel and painted over that.

steelboxsandpapersand paper – 120 grit

steelboxsandedI used masking tape to keep the straps clean and out of the way.

steelboxvinegarI used a sponge and vinegar. The sponge was rung out, not sopping wet. I wiped it down again with water and let it dry.

steelboxbrownpaintOne coat of acrylic paint after the Golden medium (Americana, Mississippi Mud).

sttelboxorangepaintI used a square of sponge to add some more colour (Americana acrylic paint, Persimmon)

Hopefully the paint will stick after the steps I have taken to prepare the surface. I have not decided what I want to do with it after this. The Persimmon paint came out far more orange than I thought. I was expecting more of a red. As Hallowe’en is my favourite and coming up, I may use my wealth of Hallowe’en embellishments on it to play on the fall colours. I will post photos of the finished product!


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