Portland supply haul

Before I went to Portland (almost a month ago) I checked to see if there were any craft supply stores worth checking out. Boy am I glad I did! Collage is an amazing store full of wonderments I doubt I would find here in Vancouver. There are now three of them and if you ever go down that way I highly recommend you check one out. There was lots of stuff for kids and the serious crafter alike.

I had gone to the Alberta store. The staff were friendly and attentive and the store itself had so much character. The sunlight dappled the bins and shelves, making it all even more appealing.

Here are the things I picked up:

PortlandsupplyhaulTCW stencils, clear embossing powder, watercolour reservoir pens, Sakura micron 02 pen (red), Faber-Castell sanguine fineliners

I used the stencils to redo a composition notebook. I will share the results soon.

All in all, a fantastic haul!


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