Fave Five From ’15

2015 was the year that I decided that I wanted to be a bit more serious about my handmade greeting cards. I started this blog, a Pinterest account, a Twitter account, and maybe most importantly of all, my online store abitofglueandpaper.ca.

I didn’t sell anything from my online store last year, but I did sell all twelve cards I sent to my MIL to sell at her Christmas craft fair table and almost twenty cards in person. It was the first time someone had shown appreciation for my work in the form of their hard-earned money. I am grateful to those who bought cards last year and I hope to build on that success in 2016 and beyond.

In honour of my best year ever 😉 I am going to share my favourite five cards from 2015.

#5 – anchor birthday card (blog post here) > I like the bold simplicity of this card, and any chance to use brads 🙂

#4 – royal birthday card (blog post here) > Embossed stamps are a favourite way to add elegance to a card.

#3 – spiders and lace Hallowe’en card (blog post here) > The juxtaposition of the lovely lace and the blingy spider seemed perfect to me.

#2 – baby shower card (blog post here) > I love the colours of this one.

#1 – Down the Chimney Christmas card (blog post here) > All the elements really come together here to create a polished looking card. Unlike the anchor card, more is definitely more here.

Here’s to a wonderfully productive 2016 to you all. Thanks for reading!


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