my intro to the MAMBI Happy Planner

Hi there! I have been taking a break from making cards to pursue my latest foray into a life-long passion… planning!!!

By now you may be seen the elaborate planner spreads people are creating, often on those simple pages in those everyday planners you are already familiar with. Filofax agendas are no longer for boring business men! These planner spreads can be works of art and some pokes around Instagram or Pinterest will show you how beautiful they can be.

I have had my Me And My Big Ideas Happy Planner since the beginning of March. It is dated starting July so I got an extension pack and dated March through June myself, which was a lot of fun! For April I used a punch to cut out cherry blossom shapes and a gel pen to write the dates. I used the scraps from the punches to decorate the monthly pages further.


How I decorated my April 2016 monthly pages

Here is a video from Me And My Big Ideas on setting up an undated Happy Planner.

What drew me to the Happy Planner was that it was so obviously different from the other planners I had seen. Being a person who has always loved to have a planner, I find the good in every one but I had never seen anything like the Happy Planner before. And to be honest, MAMBI does a great job of making their products look desirable!

This is my first time using the disc system and I have to say I like it. I like the stability of a fully-bound planner and the flexibility to remove or add pages like a binder ring planner. From what I have seen, there are a couple other disc planners out there (the Discagenda by Dokibooks, Martha Stewart) but the Happy Planner really owns the system and makes it their own. One of their hashtags is #embracethediscs 🙂

I used some small folders and washi to make some pockets for the inside of the covers. I also made some note paper in Open Office and printed it out on regular graph paper. Keep in mind this looks like I have done a lot of things myself as if MAMBI did not have pockets or note paper, but they do. I just chose to make my own. They actually have really nice accessories, which is one of the main things that drew me to the Happy Planner to begin with.

Now this happy planner’s Happy Planner resides in my awesome cart from IKEA 😀







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