looking for: planner organisation inspiration

So we all get a planner to help us get organised, right? Well, what happens when our planner itself is not organised!? If it not organised, neither is the user and the planner is not being used to its full potential. This might mean everything is thrown in willy-nilly because there is no home for it, resulting in the information becoming lost and useless. Or it could be as simple as the contents not in an order that is intuitive for the user. I feel like I have both of these issues.

divider/dashboard with upper tab with washi

So far I have been staying inside the box, using just the month sections in my Happy Planner, with a section at the front for notepaper. Here is my dilemma: I feel like I could be getting so much more use out of this planner!

I started habit tracking last month, and next month I am going to add the fitness extension to it (right now I am using a fitness journal I have already made). But what about lists? What about finance tracking/bills?


MY QUESTION TO YOU: How do you organise your dividers/tabs in your planners?

I would love some inspiration on how to get the most out of my planner. Comment below and share what your system is!


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