October Daily project (Serena Bee)

Greetings, ghosties. October is almost here and with that comes the lead up to many a person’s favourite holiday – Halloween!

Last year I was in Japan for October and I wasn’t going to bring along a whole bunch of crafting supplies. I could however manage to bring a notebook and pens for Inktober. It was my first time participating and I had a blast. I went along with mostly Halloween themed prompts and posted them all to DeviantArt in this gallery. Even though there were days when it was hard to get a drawing in, it was so great to complete it at the end.

This year, I wasn’t fully convinced I wanted to invest in a whole month of drawing. I am not good at it and there are other sorts of art/crafts I should be doing instead. Enter Serena Bee’s October Daily. If you haven’t heard of this, check out the blog post and video below:

blog post – Serena Bee October Daily 101

The video and blog post give the history of the concept and tips for making the month a bit easier. Basically, you do the creative process you love every day of October with a Halloween flair. It is like Ali Edward’s December Daily for creepy ghouls. For example, you could take a photo every day in October of Halloween related things like your decorations or crafts and keep them all together in an album. This is way more my cup of tea.

I am super excited to get on board and super happy I found this before the beginning of the month! So, thanks, Serena Bee!

I am thinking of doing a mini album. Let me know below if you plan on participating. I would love to see what you do!


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