October Daily 2016 – results

This year was my first year taking a crack at October Daily (See my previous post here for more details about Serena Bee’s October Daily). I have always enjoyed memory keeping. Keeping a diary as a child led to keeping ticket stubs and photos, then it was amateur smash book-style notebooks and photo albums, which led to 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking. Now I use a whole variety of memory keeping items, most recently the MAMBI Happy Planner page protectors.

I used these page protectors this year to keep my October Daily simple. I wanted to make it fun, and make it something that would not be overwhelming to  keep up with. I also wanted a system that would work with things I already had. There are October Daily kits out there (namely Serena Bee’s lovely items – see blog post link above) but I already had a lot of materials on hand. With some nice paper, embellishments and photos I ended up with a simple and effective way to document my October.

page 1 – 01 October to 12 October, 2″ x 2″ pockets

On the other side of the patterned paper, I used a date stamp and wrote down details about the day. I am not the best at this part of documenting, so these 2″ x 2″ squares were great for keeping things short and sweet! I mostly wrote down what scary show or movie I had watched, or what Halloween themed event I went to check out. I even put in a colouring sheet I picked up a grocery store 😀

middle page, more 2″ x 2″ pockets


  1. Use flat embellishments. I found that things like bows, dimensional stickers etc would result in a poor fit inside the pocket.
  2. Don’t feel pressured to make things perfect. This is supposed to be something fun to look at in the future, not stress you out in the present so that you keep putting it off and don’t end up completing it.
  3. Theme or no theme? This year I did not do a theme, but even using paper from the same pack/pad could add a more cohesive look to your finished product.
  4. Don’t compare your pages to those of others. What matters is that you are recording a time of the year that you love, not that it isn’t as “pretty” or elaborate as others.
  5. Some planning might be necessary when using multiple sheets with various-sized pockets if you are a stickler for keeping things chronological. For example,  I had an event on the 15th and 16th that I wanted a 2- 4×6 page for. Page #1 was a 12-2×2 page (October 1-12), page #2 was a 2-4×6 ( October 15th and 16th), and that was followed by a 12-2×2 page beginning with the 13th, with the 17th in the next pocket.
  6. I wish I had number die cuts. I see them in many December Daily albums, and they would have been fantastic for this. I am definitely getting some for December.

MAMBI Happy Planner page protectors (various sizes)
patterned paper cut to size (2×2, 3×4, 4×6)
adhesive roller
corner rounder
Sharpie pen and marker
rolling date stamp
die cuts
washi tape

So what do you think? Did you participate in October Daily? Please link if you did. I would love to see your pages! What do you think of the MAMBI HP page protectors as a way to keep things easy?


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