card making tips from One Crafty Potato

I have recently found via Instagram a kindred spirit in One Crafty Potato. To me, her Instagram feed is full of effortless-looking fun. Not only is she super in to Halloween, Disney and memory keeping, but she also makes cards!

Carolee’s latest blog post lists three wise tips for making cards a breeze:

  1. Buy the collection.
  2. Use a sketch.
  3. If you’re making a lot of cards, consider getting some help.

Carolee elaborates on each tip in her blog post here. I couldn’t agree with these points more, and I just had to share. It is worth a read if you are just starting out and dipping your toe in card making, or if you want to add something extra to your cards.

Card making is one of those things that can be done so many ways. Sometimes a different perspective is all you need to take your cards to the next level. To be honest, knowing these things long ago would have saved me some headaches!

Here are my takes on Carolee’s tips:

    Buying as many pieces of a collection as you are able to results in more cohesive projects. Sometimes different collections work together, but it takes effort. Designers have already done all the work for you by creating a collection!
    The right sketch can take very basic elements and turn them in to something magical. Certain shapes and layouts just work. Check out some sketch sites (such as Can You Case It) and you will see what I mean. Soon you will find some that really work for you and you can make wonderful cards in your sleep!
    This is the most important tip in my opinion. These tools have been created for a reason, and that reason is to make your life easier. Don’t be stubborn and insist that your scissors are doing you just fine and that you don’t need a paper trimmer or a proper corner rounder. Save yourself time and effort (not to mention get a more professional look…)
    Paper crafting tools are varied and numerous, and perhaps it seems overwhelming to determine which ones you need. My suggestion would be to take it one tool at a time and do your research. YouTube is full of videos on tools and how to use them. See how people are using something you are interested in. Perhaps someone has a twist on something, or after seeing it in action you decide the tool isn’t for you.

Anyway, a big thanks to Carolee for the awesome blog post and for letting me share it with you. Give her some love, and you won’t be disappointed if you follow her Instagram feed. It always cheers me up!

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  1. Could not agree more about the collection! The greatest product for beginners, in my opinion, would be a CD-ROM. Like My Craft Studio, a Debbie Moore collection, or even something from Creative Crafting World. They make great software, and you have everything you need to create a card on that disk. The other materials are just your basics.

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