Holiday Craft Fair – Kensington Community Center 2016

I had the pleasure of participating in a local community centre craft fair last weekend, and I had a great time. This was a fun and well-run event with tons of people perusing the wares. From the regular and informative emails from the coordinator to the ease of paying my fee to everything being ready when I got to the venue, this was a smooth operation.

my table

At the last event I was at, the table across from me had these modular wire cubes that looked great and so useful. They were purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond and they were only $30 so I got myself a set. (link here) I think they improved the table set up quite a bit.

There were many customers and people stopping at my table to look. My sales were not as high as I had hoped, but I made my table and some of my materials. I also handed out quite a few business cards and I am hoping those lead to some traffic and sales.

It was a fun and cheerful experience, with the vendors happy and excited to be there. I found some very talented people, but none of them have websites for me to link to here. I would definitely do this one again!



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