Super 6 Of ’16

Here are my six favourite cards from 2016. It was a fun year where things really seemed to come together cards-wise. Here’s to continued enjoyment and improvement!

I picked cards that I liked both when I made them, and still now months later. I have to say that the additions to my tool box have resulted in more interesting cards 🙂

February – Can You Case It #106
March – CYCI # 110 – you & me
April – APWP 66 – masculine, nautical theme
June – S.I.P. 53 – Case the DT!
July – CASology 206 – art
September – Hallowe’en greeting card – CAUTION

I noticed that only two cards are results of actual sketches. I love sketches and how the cards turn out when I use one so that surprised me. Perhaps I will have to seek more sketches out this year!

What were some of your favourite makes from 2016?




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