craft fair season 2017

December has begun and I feel like I can breathe again. Last Saturday was my final craft fair of the year. Three weekends in a row I peddled my wares and am already looking forward to next year.

BTW, this blog post has been sitting partially written since Monday so I just need to write it and get it done with 😀

CRAFTY AFFAIRE – Saturday 18 November
I started mid-November at the Surrey Crafty Affaire. This was my first year at this event and I have a feeling this one is going to just grow, grow, grow.

I met some great people (Mason Woodworks, the Relaxation Hut, Westcoast Leslie) and finally got to meet Dragonscales Journals! I have admired her work for some time. She was a vendor at a Halloween event I want to be a part of next year and it was great to talk to her.

This was a nice start to the season. I had a fantastic table right at the entrance (pretty much the first table you see when you walk in) and there was a steady crowd of people. There were lots of browsers and talkers which was nice. There were snacks for vendors and festive music added to the atmosphere. I am looking forward to doing this one again next year. They are having a two-day event in Vancouver next week and I am hoping to check it out.

This event was also a first for me and it was, in one word, nuts. There was a bit of a mix up with the start time (originally advertised as 4pm, but later changed to 5pm) and people were browsing and buying by 4:15. I had made my table by 4:30.

I had borrowed a couple of decorations from my mom (light up trees) to add some extra interest to the table. They were probably more popular than what I was selling! That being said, this was my most successful event of the year (I have a browser tab with the application for next year open). There were so many people and lots of purchasers (not just browsers). These customers were hardcore there to shop! The DJ was playing Italian Christmas songs and a school also came and sang carols.

It was a really well run event. I wish I had a chance to go around and check out the other vendors but it was just too busy! Hopefully next year!

I did this one last year and had fun this time around as well. Belcap Creations was there again and I snuck away from my table to say hi. I had great neighbours. Behind me was Drifting Spirit Design, a neighbour from last year who makes gorgeous jewelry. She had her ear talked off by the potter beside her, poor girl! Across from me was another talented jewelry maker, Sanity Halo.


I made a spreadsheet for this event that I am definitely going to use in the future to keep inventory neat and organised. Something that didn’t work was giving out discount codes for the site :/ My favourite things I had for this day were some gift card holders I made using this Sizzix die from Scrapbook Warehouse:

All in all it was a great year. I am just glad that I was able to figure out my Shopify card reader issues with my new tablet and phone. It was frustrating on a couple of levels now that I think about it because I was told the wrong information and because this is what they believed they didn’t seem to be able to help me. Apparently the card reader isn’t even supposed to work with Samsung tablets, but it did. Anyway, I figured it out and I’m over it. I promise 😉

best sellers: bargain-priced cards
slowest movers: gift tags
most interesting to customers: memory keeping albums
hardest to keep in stock: sympathy cards

I am left with very few Christmas cards this winter and so I might just have to start making in July next year!

Thanks for stopping by!



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