quick Japanese-inspired card for the new year

I send both Christmas and New Year’s cards to my relatives in Japan. I try to make the New Year’s one post-card style and stick it in the card. The new year is a bigger deal than Christmas and I try to make it cute or clever.

This year’s idea was pretty cut and dry. I turned the 8 of 2018 in to a kagami-mochi, a traditional symbol of the new year.


I stamped the numbers and die cut orange circles. Then I took a blade and hand cut the stem and leaves. Done!

These Recollections number stamps never turn out nicely, pretty much no matter which ink I use or how well I clean them. I think I may have to invest in a new set of numbers soon. Do you have any tips for getting large stamps like this to stamp nicely?

Anyway, this is a pretty random card but if you know anyone who might appreciate it, there is an idea for you!

Thanks for stopping by.



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