summer-themed cork cards

It’s the end of February and I think it is safe to say that some of us are done with winter. Here in Vancouver, snow still sits defiantly despite the recent rain and above-freezing temperatures.

How about some summer-themed cards to shine a sunny beam on those winter blues, or to get you in to those summer feels just a little longer before autumn (depending on where you are)…

I had some cork stickers (American Crafts I think) that I wanted to use up, and they needed a little something extra. Enter: glitter glue!

A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade greeting card, cork, summer, glitter, pop, soda, popsicle, sunshine - Vancouver, BC

A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade greeting card, lemonade, lemon, bikes, bicycle, cork, glitter, summer - Vancouver, BC

A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade greeting card, cork, glitter, summer, sunshine, float, ice cream, cherries - Vancouver, BC

These cards are the first in a large bunch that were inspired by this post from fellow crafter Emma. I decided I should really use up all the 6×6 paper pads I had kicking around. I focused on my older, partially used pads. There will be more of these posts coming up, interspersed with others.

Yep, that blog post is from August. And yep, I probably made the cards shortly after that.  But you know how life gets busy. I am still finding blogging painful and haven’t found a solution for that 🙂 I even printed out a blog post planner.

Anyway, I hope these cards cheered you up. Thanks for stopping by and take care!

These cards are available here.
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  1. IdleEmma says:

    Nice cards! I feel the need to make some summer cards now because yes, I am definitely tired of winter! xD

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  2. Really nice cards! Love the colors : )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just when we think it’s over the temp drops. Great cards


    1. So very true! Thanks very much!



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