Halloween craft – notebooks

Hello! I hope September is treating you well so far. Here is another Halloween craft to get you in the autumn mood! I decorated some notebooks I had stashed away so that they had a much more Halloween feel:   With just some stencils, acrylic paint and stamps I made these notebooks way less boring….

April destash

Hi guys! It’s time for some spring cleaning, and with that comes those items once treasured but now perhaps better off in a new home. I have a Hello Kitty planner and Japanese-themed notebooks: The link to the destash collection is here. There are more detailed descriptions of all the items in their shop listings….

Can’t get enough notebooks!

Potential. Wonder. Excitement. Promise. Creativity. Fun. What do you see when you look at a notebook? As a creative person, you probably see all of those things and more. I see a place to be myself. I see a place to be someone completely different. I see a sense of comfort. As any type of…