Circle Craft summer 2015

The weather was perfect yesterday for the beginning of the 2015 Circle Craft summer market. There is little more inspiring than being in front of the ocean looking at booths full of gorgeous hand made wares. The venue created a different feel from the winter show, something fresher and more active. Perhaps it was that the artists had been working hard to get set up in the short amount of time they had before opening that resulted in such a buzz of excitement. Maybe it was that it was the first day. Regardless, every artist was obviously glad to be there. circle craft summer 001 circle craft summer 002 circle craft summer 003

There were many jewelery booths, full of wonderful sparkling creations that the artists were eager to have customers hold and look at in the sun. I was drawn to the more abstract styles. I did not note my favourite artist among the jewelers, probably because there were so many choices!

My favourite booth was unsurprisingly the Old Island Stamp Company. They had a wonderful selection of unmounted and wood-mounted stamps, mounting blocks and ink. There were even some wonderful examples of art created with their stamps. I found the larger background stamps the most appealing, even though I know I need more multi-purpose single stamps.

I did not get to go back and spend what cash I had at the stamp booth as I was taken by the copper artistry from Clayburn Copperworks. I am a sucker for the metal, especially when formed in to recreations of anything natural. The artist had fantastic bull rushes of varying sizes. I picked up some smaller flowers for my grandmother and I got these for myself:

copper fungus

The booths of course housed the works of very talented visual artists as well. The two that stood out to me were the vintage transportation themed paintings by Neil Hamelin and the fantastic nature-based paintings of Ola Design. All in all, strolling through the booths full of people’s hard work was an inspiring way to spend the afternoon. It is going on all weekend and admission is free so I might even go again to get those stamps I wanted!


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