birthday cards for my sister

My sister is by no means a girly-girl so I love to make cards for her. I like to break out the pink and frills once in a while, but a card for her is a welcome challenge.

Here is what I came up with:

A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade birthday card with birthday themed wooden embellishments inked in different colours, sequins, tag and twine - Vancouver BC

Here, I inked up a bunch of wooden embellishments to match the paper I had used. Those sure do come in handy. I wish I had inked the edges of the tag or embossed it or something. I feel it needs something extra.

A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade birthday card with stamped library card and pocket, square yellow sequins, stamped birthday cake - Vancouver BC

My favourite of the two is this one. The touches of pink and the punched corners add some femininity to offset the blue, green and orange of the first card. Perhaps they balance each other out?

And yep, these cards are indeed from June. I am that far behind in my posting 😦 There is a large pile of freshly made cards sitting beside me that makes me feel this will be an ongoing thing this year 😀

Who is your favourite person to make cards for? Is it someone with similar aesthetics who you know will love the same materials as you, or maybe someone with a totally different style that you try extra hard for?



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