sympathy cards (set)

Sympathy cards. One of the hardest types of cards to make. They have to be both specific and general. They have to be serious, but not morbid. Heartfelt (non-generic) sentiments are difficult (you can’t make puns or other types of jokes or word play). Themes can be tricky because though someone may have loved trains in life, you may not want to make a sympathy card with a train on it. Even colour can be an issue. White may seem like a safe bet, but it represents death in some cultures and could be the equivalent of making a black sympathy card for a western recipient. Anyway, I know most of you have been there, having either made or chosen a sympathy card.

I had a set commissioned, and this is what I came up with:


I went with leaves and flowers, subdued embossing and grey as an accent colour. Looking at these again, I feel like they are quite pretty.

I didn’t embellish this one too much, trying to keep it on the more “masculine” side:A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade greeting card, sympathy, sorry for your loss, embossed leaves - Vancouver, BC


I want to pick up more of these white flowers!A Bit Of Glue & Paper - handmade greeting card, sympathy, deepest sympathy, embossed, leaves, flowers - Vancouver, BC

Is it odd that I am inspired to make more sympathy cards? It’s a type that I keep getting asked for, so maybe I should.

Thanks for stopping by!


Find more sympathy cards here.
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  1. I agree, sympathy cards can be very tricky to make because it even depends on how well you knew the person (which is hard to judge when you’re making cards for others).



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